Law School Episode 14 Recap - [Spoilers] is dead and the passenger of Professor Seo's car is revealed (2023)



Episode 14 transitions into the complex set pieces, but manages to at least keep the story going as we approach the end.

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This synopsis for the Netflix K-Drama series Law School Episode 14 contains spoilers.

While this series has gotten better, it gets to the point where we desperately hope this is all over - it could have easily been 4 chapters shorter.

Episode 14 flashes back to Lee Man-ho being shown a picture of his son by Congressman Ko's men. However, MP Ko refuses Lee Man-ho entry, stating that his son is fine without him. Lee Man-ho is currently in critical condition.After the events of episode 13, and requests the presence of MP Ko. However, Deputy Ko doesn't bother to see Lee Man-ho. At the hospital, Prosector offers Yang his blood as he has the same blood type as Lee Man-ho.

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a gentle charge

Prosecutor Jin's accusation didn't go well, and he's smug about it, telling students he expects more from them. Jin has requested a constitutional review that will further delay the trial as charges against him hang in the balance - Jin-ho appears dismayed by what has transpired.

the day of the incident

Episode 14 flashes back to the day of the incident. Teacher Seo was in the car with Lee Man-ho. Professor Yang calls him and Seo keeps the call; However, Lee Man-ho brushes him aside. Lee Man-ho tells Teacher Seo not to surrender, saying it would be unfair. Professor Seo grabs Lee Man-ho and tells him that the reason he wants to be the chief prosecutor is so he can arrest scoundrels like him. Lee Man-ho asks if this is the case with MP Ko. In the present, Lee Man-ho dies in the intensive care unit.

Professor Yang learns that Ki Du-seong stabbed him and demanded self-defense. This is the same man who stabbed Professor Yang.

Ki Du-seong insists he was attacked

Professor Yang visits Ki Du-seong in his hospital bed - Ki Du-seong again claims self-defense and shows his stabbing; he believes that Lee Man-ho caused it himself. Prosecutor Jin shows up at the hospital and Professor Yang wonders why Lee Man-ho called him before his argument with Ki Du-seong - he asks the prosecutor to thoroughly investigate and not play with him - he believes that Ki Du- seong was hired to kill Lee Man-ho.

Lee Man-ho's death feels like a pivotal moment -School of Law Page 14it is the beginning of the final pieces of the puzzle that have been put together.

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The idea

Han Joon-hwi tells Professor Yang that he doesn't think Lee Man-ho misbehaved and attacked Ki Du-seong when he went to see his son; He also believes that someone asked Lee Man-ho to kill Professor Seo and believes that this is related to his son. Kang Sol A has a similar theory and bases it on Kim Eun-suk. They now want to know who accused Lee Man-ho of these crimes and believe they may have been involved in the hit-and-run. There was someone else in Professor Seo's car – a passenger.

Professor Yang asks Congressman Ko why he thinks Lee Man-ho died. He wonders if he knew he was looking for his son and mentions that there was a passenger in Professor Seo's car the night of the hit-and-run. Deputy Ko laughs at this. Professor Yang explains that the Seo he knew would never have run away after being hit by a car.

We know Professor Yang knows - he just needs to prove it now.

Lee Man-ho confronted MP Ko with camera footage

Episode 14 then moves to 5 months before the incident - Lee Man-ho confronts Congressman Ko about the hit-and-run accident. He gives him a flash drive. It's camera footage of the hit-and-run - he talks about how Professor Seo saved the footage. Today, Professor Yang calls MP Ko and asks if he was at a funeral near the site on the day of the accident. Deputy Ko meets with Prosecutor Jin about Professor Yang's suspicion. He says he doesn't think there was anyone else in the car - he's asking the prosecutor to accept Ki Du-seong's claim of self-defense and give the public what they want.

As the episodes go by, corruption becomes more entrenched in the prosecutor's office.

hit and run

law SchoolEpisode 14 then brings a flashback that confirms everything we suspected...

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Flashbacks show that MP Ko was in Professor Seo's car and ran into him, stating that he was late. Teacher Seo didn't look like his usual self, and then he bumps into someone. Deputy Ko tells Professor Seo to drive - he reluctantly does so. The politician reminds him that there are no cameras there. Professor Seo tries to turn around, but Deputy Ko stops him and reminds him that he's been drinking - asking him to think about his family. Eventually they switch places and drive MP Ko.

In modern times, students track the funeral guest book on the day of the hit-and-run. The police report that there are conflicting eyewitnesses about what and who they saw at the funeral that day.

The end

The end of Episode 14 offers a lot to think about.

Professor Yang analyzes all events related to Deputy Ko - he has put everything on the wall and believes that Lee Man-ho's son is the answer to all of this. Kang Sol A has an idea and makes a video for social media. She explains that MP Ko has proposed a bill to abolish the law of defamation by publicly stating facts, so that he does not sue her if all this is true and he can sue her if what she says is true, is wrong – reveals Many Years ago, one of his campaign workers denounced him for spreading false news. He bribed the whistleblower to reveal the truth. Ji-oh also tells her media her story about her father and how she relates to MP Ko. Joon-hwi then tells the story of his uncle and that there was a passenger in his car during the hit-and-run. Congressman Ko knows the students are trying to provoke him.

At the constitutional hearing on Article 126 of the Penal Code, Professor Yang sits next to Prosecutor Jin, surprising the students. Jin advocates abolishing the rights of alleged crimes. Professor Yang argues that the law is dead and is such a general and comprehensive provision that no other country in the world has it. And then the court allows a video call on the screens of someone outside of Korea - it's Erica Shin, and the students are shocked - Teacher Yang looks at Kang Sol A, who is wearing a worried face.

law SchoolEpisode 14 transitions into the complex set pieces, but manages to at least keep the story going as we approach the end.

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additional points
  • Kang Sol A wonders if they should tell Lee Man-ho's son that his father died.
  • One of the students spies on his friends and leaks the information to Prosecutor Jin.
  • Kim Eun-suk tells Seung-jae that if he is permanently expelled, his Disciplinary Committee decision is pending and he will never be able to attend law school again. He accepts what his destiny is. Kang Sol B tells Seung-jae that permanent deportation is unlikely as it would be an extreme decision.
  • While Teacher Yang is in the car with Kim Eun-suk, she receives a call from a person named "James". When she answers, he looks like Lee Man-ho's son.



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