Deputy Director of Internal Audit and Control - Karriere bei HIAS Inc. (2023)


HIAS is seeking an Assistant Director of Audit and Internal Control to join the HIAS Audit and Internal Control team. The function reports functionally to the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) of the Board of Directors and administratively to the Executive Committee. The Deputy Director of Internal Audit and Control is responsible for the execution of individual internal audit projects as part of the overall internal audit plan. This responsibility includes developing the scope of internal audit, conducting internal audit procedures, and preparing internal audit reports that reflect the results of work performed. The work carried out includes covering functional and operational units with a focus on operational, financial and IT processes. You will also assist in reporting regularly to the ARC, developing the internal audit plan and strategy, and advocating internal control, risk management and governance concepts across the agency. Often they can direct and review the work of other staff, including contract reviewers or guest reviewers within the agency.

Please note that this position is based at our headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland or our office in New York, NY and we are considering a remote option for applicants who live outside of commuting distance to one of our offices and found in others are states. where we are registered (Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin).


  • Works closely with the Senior Director of Internal Audit and Control to plan, execute, report and track audit engagements to ensure timely delivery, on budget and adherence to professional standards.
  • Assists in IAC's annual planning exercise to provide reasonable assurance about the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of operating and financial systems, internal controls, risk management practices, domestic operations and foreign programs.
  • Leads assigned audit projects to deliver high quality advice/audit results; this includes developing the scope of internal audit, conducting internal audit procedures and preparing internal audit reports reflecting the results of work performed; The work includes functional and operational units and mainly focuses on operational, financial and IT processes.
  • Tracks the status of pending internal audits and other management reviews.
  • Contributes to the systems development work within HIAS by providing independent advice on the appropriate levels of internal control and oversight.
  • Contributes to and works to provide IAC role plans, specifically in relation to a collaborative approach and methodology for conducting audit and advisory work across HIAS and its branded entities.
  • Assists the Senior Director of Internal Audit and Control in preparing reports on the IAC plan and strategy to the ARC and executive team.
  • Socializes the IAC role with the goal of ensuring it ultimately becomes a trusted advisor to HIAS management.
  • Works with other risk assurance and control functions to include privacy, security and security, and information technology departments to strengthen the HIAS Governance, Risk and Control (GRC) framework.
  • Provides advice on internal control and oversight matters and supports key governance committees in an advisory capacity as required, including serving as IAC key personnel for specific segments/functions.
  • Builds and maintains professional and productive relationships with management and organizational stakeholders with the aim of strengthening HIAS' internal control framework.
  • Provides internal control and other compliance training for employees working with management.
  • Participates in professional development opportunities and ensures learning is recognized and best practices are actively adopted within the IAC and across HIAS and its brand entities.
  • Takes leadership in self-development and development of others to ensure IAC through active participation in performance management processes; This also includes feedback on development and opportunities to coach others in the team.
  • Stays abreast of HIAS organizational changes and actively seeks engagement on issues that have a significant impact on current and future IAC activities.


  • Bachelor's degree in business or management or comparable work experience; High school diploma highly preferred.
  • 5-7 years of experience in internal audit, risk management and compliance and at least 3 years of relevant internal audit experience, preferably with an international non-profit organization.
  • Relevant professional certification CIA, CPA, CISA, CRMA, CFE or equivalent and membership in an internationally recognized audit, risk or accounting organization.
  • Ability to travel internationally in complex operating environments up to 35% of the time.
  • Understand internal control concepts and have experience applying them to planning, executing, managing and reporting on the assessment of various business processes/areas/functions.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently with limited guidance and guidance required, and able to provide appropriate direction to other members of the internal audit project team.
  • Demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills to present yourself effectively in front of colleagues and management.
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills needed to sell ideas and gain management support for constructive change.
  • Understand internal audit standards, COSO, and risk assessment practices.
  • Understand the technical aspects of accounting and financial reporting.
  • You have experience of running multiple projects and collaborating with different team members.
  • Professional command of spoken and written English, with proven experience in producing high quality, effective written communications e.g. B. Reports.
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting and maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion and belonging.
  • Desirable experience in a consulting/consulting environment.
  • Experience in IT audit desirable.
  • Experience with data management tools, including data visualization software, is preferred.
  • Preferably knowledge of Spanish or French.
  • INGO experience or work in an international commercial/public sector organization is preferred.
  • Proven knowledge of relevant standards, federal and state regulations is preferred.
  • Preferably financial analysis and experience with ERPs.


We are committed to a fair and respectful recruitment process and will do our best to respond to each applicant. We prioritize communication and transparency with all candidates, including those who get stuck. Here is a snapshot of our hiring process:

Step 1: Submit your application!

Step 2: Phone screen with a HIAS recruiter.

Step 3 - Video interview with the hiring manager.

Step 4: Video interview with a panel of HIAS employees.

Step 5 - Online reference check with SkillSurvey.

Step 6: Offer and background check with Shield Screening.

Step 7: Start your professional journey with HIAS!

Note: Some of our recruitment processes may vary and not all candidates will advance through each step.


Over a hundred years ago, the Jewish community founded HIAS (originally the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) in New York City, the gateway for immigrants to the United States. In supporting Jews fleeing persecution and poverty in Eastern Europe, our founders were guided by the traditions, texts and history of the Jewish people, a history of oppression, displacement and diaspora. Since then, HIAS has helped generations of Jews who face violence for who they are, and HIAS remains committed to helping Jewish refugees around the world. Today, our customers at HIAS, like our employees, come from different religions, ethnic groups and backgrounds. We bring our experience, history and values ​​to our work across five continents, ensuring today's refugees receive the vital services and opportunities they need to thrive.

HIAS is a learning community committed to diversity and inclusion. We do our work with integrity, accountability, transparency and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. We are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences to join our teams in the United States and around the world. Individuals identifying as BIPOC, people with disabilities, people in the LGBTQ+ community and people with lived experiences of forced displacement or immigration are encouraged to apply. We are committed to building a diverse workforce that reflects our vision, mission and values.


HIAS stands for a world where refugees find welcome, security and opportunities.


Based on our Jewish values ​​and history, HIAS provides vital services to refugees and asylum seekers around the world and advocates for their fundamental rights so they can rebuild their lives.


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HIAS is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. As an equal opportunity employer, all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, ancestry, citizenship status, religious affiliation, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, intellectual disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, Civil partnership or civil partnership status, marital status, pregnancy, birth, military status, protected veteran status, political orientation, or other legally protected status.


HIAS is committed to protecting children, vulnerable adults and others from harm caused directly or indirectly by their contact with HIAS. We do not tolerate sexual exploitation, abuse, or any form of child abuse or neglect by our employees or associated employees. Any candidate offered a position at HIAS is expected to sign and comply with the HIAS Code of Conduct and Safety Policies. All job offers are subject to satisfactory references and appropriate screening, which may include a criminal record. HIAS also participates in theInteragency Misconduct Disclosure Plan. Under this plan, we will request information from job applicants from previous employers regarding any findings of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment during employment or any incidents investigated when the applicant left employment. In addition, HIAS will share this information when other organizations inquire about current and former HIAS employees as part of their recruitment process. By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms that they understand these recruitment procedures.

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