2022 World's Strongest Deadlift Results - Boudreault and Luke Stoltman reach double figures (2023)

The last event on the second day of the eventWorld's Strongest Man 2022(WSM) was a competitionTraction lifts- the strength of manystrong manstill fighting for the final, including Rob Kearney, Bobby Thompson and Luke Stoltman. Athletes had torenItop pressuremassive logs under unrelenting heat that crept toward the triple digits.

The winners were Tom Stoltman, Bobby Thompson, Maxime Boudreault and Luke Stoltmanfor your groups.Trey Mitchell and Oleksii Novikov tied for first place in Group 3.See the full results below:

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Results of log lifting

Each competitor tried to lift145 kg (320 lb) for as many repetitions as possible in 75 seconds.

(Video) Luke STOLTMAN | Attempts World Record LOG LIFT for Reps

Group 1

  1. take pride- Eight repetitions
  2. Kevin Faires- Seven repetitions
  3. Gabriela Rheaume'a- Six repetitions
  4. Aivars Shmaukstelis- Four repetitions
  5. Andy's Black- No repeats
  6. Manuel Angulo- No repeats

Angulo and Black only re-entered the stage in heat one with a temperature of 97 degrees. Angulo entered the tournament with three points, meaning he could not reach the final. Black had seven points - he didn't lose mathematically, but he had to place very high in Log Lift and Wrecking Ball Hold.

Black and Angulo missed their first attempt. Black missed the second and third attempts before Angulo missed the second. In the end, neither man won a rep.

In the second heat, Faires and Šmaukstelis met again - with a rematchRoad trip. The duo cleared the logs in a synchronized fashion, but Faires blocked the first rep.

Both strongmen remained consistent for four repetitions. Faires continued when Šmaukstelis missed his fifth repetition. Faires listened to the crowd's chants of "one more, one more" and secured seven reps. Faires blocked the eighth act after the whistle, but head referee Magnus ver Magnusson missed it.

Rhéaume and Stoltman entered the final heat with 12 and 18 points respectively. Stoltman knew he at least had a spot at the Stone-Off.

Stoltman fired his first rep into the sky. Rheaume followed suit. They traded reps, all with smooth mechanics. In the 10-second call, Rhéaume locked in one final rep while Stoltman called it a day. The final count is six reps for Rhéaume and onewin eight reps for Stoltman.

Stoltman mathematically locked in first place in Group 1 and advances to the final.

group 2

  1. Bobby Thompson- Eight repetitions
  2. Mitchella Hoopera- Seven repetitions
  3. Brian Shaw— Seven repetitions (T-second)
  4. Konstanty Janasia- Five repetitions
  5. Gabriela Pena- A representative
  6. Brand Felix- No repeats

Peña, Shaw and Felix entered the tournament with nine points, making it a three-way tie for third place. Janashia were two points behind them. Peña and Shaw took the stage first in heat one.

Peña's long rep only went up when Shaw struggled with his foot. Shaw found his groove and closed the beam seven times.

It appeared that Peña literally felt hot after his first repetition and decided not to continue the competition.

Janashia and Thompson entered the field in heat two. Thompson held a two-point lead for second in the group and looked to hold on to it in his best event.

(Video) Men's Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift - Event 3 | Full Live Stream | 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic

At WSM 2021, Thompson passed out while straining during the Log Lift event. Fortunately, history did not repeat itselfhe outpaced the competition by eight repetitions to win.

Janashia hit an even number of reps from the first whistle to earn five reps.

Hooper came into the tournament with a massive seven point lead and knew he could secure a place in the finals with a strong performance in the Log Lift. He met Felix in heat three.

Felix missed the first rep as Hooper threw his first four reps in the air. Felix's second and third miss caused him to withdraw from the event. Hooper tied Shaw with seven reps.

Hooper is mathematically locked in to win Group 2 and advance to the final.

group 3

  1. Oleksiy Novikov- Nine repetitions
  2. Treya Mitchell— Ni reps (T-first)
  3. Adam Bishop- Seven repetitions
  4. Roba Kearneya- Six repetitions
  5. Grzegorz Szymanski- Three repetitions
  6. Mika Törrö- Two repetitions

Törrö and Bishop were first in Group 3. Bishop was second overall and had to stay the course to reach the Stone-Off. Törrö was in last place next to Szymański and had to perform a miracle to get back into the race.

Bishop had a faster start, but the weight of the elevator showed on his second lockout. Törrö put a lot of work into matching Bishop's two reps, but Bishop found a rhythm and accelerated to five extra reps.

In heat two, Novikov collided with Mitchell. Novikov held a four-point lead throughout the tournament, and Mitchell was one point out of contention for the Stone-Off.

While Novikov released the log between reps, Mitchell never let go of the handles. Both strategies proved successful as their pace was high and they never showed signs of fatigue.The two completed nine reps to tie for first place.

Kearney's Car Walk win was exactly the start he needed on day two, and he needed to continue that streak at Log Lift to stay in contention for the Stone-Off.

Szymański opened with a pair of powerful cleans that caught him on the third rep. He remained strong until the fourth attempt when he failed to lock his elbows.

(Video) Last Man Standing: Maxime Boudreault puts up his best time against Tom Stoltman | 2020

Kearney battled the final rep to get a signal from Magnusson. Szymanski went out with three reps and Kearney recorded six reps.

Novikov is mathematically locked in to win Group 3 and advance to the final.

group 4

  1. Maksym Boudreault- 10 repetitions
  2. Pawel Kordiyak- Nine repetitions
  3. Marcin Licis— Nine repetitions (T-second)
  4. Gavin Bilton- Seven repetitions
  5. Nedzmin Ambeskovic- Two repetitions
  6. Shane Flowers - retired

Ambeškovič ran alone for the second time in the first heat on the second day. It was more of a show heat as he was out of contention for the Stone-Off with just four points to his name. He sent out two reps to a cheering crowd.

In the second heat, Bilton battled with Boudreault. Only one point separated them from second place in the group.

Boudreault made his first few reps look easy. His other pair looked just as smooth. His third pair was identical to his first two. His seventh rep was very clean. His eighth, ninth and tenth repetitions were hard cleans – onea monstrous display of 10 reps for the Canadian who won the competition.

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Bilton stuck to the game plan he had been performing in all the competitions – slow and steady. It paid off with seven reps.

Kordiyaka's Car Walk win made him second overall. He and Licis had to chase Boudreault's double-digit score in heat three.

Licis held a five-point lead before the start of the event and had to play defense in the final two events of the qualifying stage to secure a group win. Defense is not in Licis' wheelhouse and he came out aggressive, as did his style throughout the contest. He blocked nine reps.

Kordiyaka showed off his technique as he moved for the final overhead reps. He counted nine in all.

With Licis guaranteed at least two points in the Wrecking Ball Team due to Flowers' withdrawal,Licis is mathematically locked in to win Group 4.

group 5

  1. Lukasz Stoltman- 10 repetitions
  2. Eythora Ingolfssona Melsteda- Eight repetitions
  3. by Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf- Seven repetitions
  4. Kim Ujarak- Six repetitions
  5. Kelvina De Ridera- A representative
  6. Evana Singleton— One rep (T-fifth)

De Ruiter and Ujarak went into the first heat of Group 5. Ujarak made quick work of his early reps while De Ruiter had to work hard for his first lockout. He eventually decided it wasn't his event and bowed out after this repeat.

Ujarak had his best performance of the competition so far, blocking six reps.

Heat 2 featured Melsted against Coraboeuf. Both men showed off their overhead strength by completing the first six repetitions. Solid displays from both men resulted in seven reps for Coraboeuf and eight reps for Melsted.

Singleton emerged with the best Car Walk time. He would have to match this performance in the Log Lift as he scored no pointsDeadlift ladderas he wastechnically withdrawnfrom the party (inclback in after being cleared by a doctorl at the beginning of the second day).

Luke Stoltman was Singleton's dance partner in the final heat. Singleton's first rep fell back to his chest before he finally secured the lock. The failed second replay was a precursor to the medical rush to the scene to ensure that the first day's incident would not be repeated. The referee, Magnus ver Magnusson, jumped on the platform to wave at Singleton before doing another replay when it seemed clear that Singleton could hurt himself.

Stoltman did routine work for the event and logged 10 reps to win.Onare mathematically locked in to win Group 5 and advance to the final.

(Video) 360KG Axle Deadlift MONSTERS! | Strongman Classic 2022

I will destroy it!

Day three includesBreaker Gribat 8:00 AM PST. This is the last event to select the players who will participate in the competitionSten-Offat 1:30 PM PST. The strong men from second and third place in each group will battle each other for a place in the WSM 2022 finals. The WSM 2022 final is scheduled for 28-29 May 2022.

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2022 World's Strongest Deadlift Results - Boudreault and Luke Stoltman reach double figures? ›

The maximum 18-inch deadlift, belongs to Oleksii Novikov of the Ukraine, who set a new world record by lifting 537.5 kg (1,185 lb) at the 2020 World's Strongest Man. Novikov has lifted more though, and in 2022 set a record in the Hummer Tyre Deadlift with 549kg (1,210lb) at the Shaw Classic strongman contest.

How much can the worlds strongest man lift 2022? ›

The maximum 18-inch deadlift, belongs to Oleksii Novikov of the Ukraine, who set a new world record by lifting 537.5 kg (1,185 lb) at the 2020 World's Strongest Man. Novikov has lifted more though, and in 2022 set a record in the Hummer Tyre Deadlift with 549kg (1,210lb) at the Shaw Classic strongman contest.

Who is the worlds strongest man 2022 bar bend? ›

Tom Stoltman is your 2022 World's Strongest Man Champion!

The podium is: Tom Stoltman, Martins Licis, and Oleksii Novikov.

Who is the strongest man deadlift 2022? ›

Event 2: Car Deadlift
1Oleksii Novikov15
2Tom Stoltman13
2Trey Mitchell13
4Martins Licis12
6 more rows

Who is the heaviest strongman in history? ›

Paul Anderson (weightlifter)
Personal information
Weight360 lb (163 kg)
Spouse(s)Glenda Garland ​ ​ ( m. 1959)​
SportOlympic weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting
5 more rows

What is the heaviest deadlift ever recorded? ›

Only 2 Men have EVER managed to lift a 500KG + DEADLIFT. Eddie HALL & Hafthor BJORNSSON (out of competition).

What is the prize money for the world strongest man? ›

What is the prize money for winning World's Strongest Man? The prize fund for the 2021 World's Strongest man was set at $200,000, with the overall winner set to receive $75,000. This amount has increased and now reflects the prestige due to the sport's greatest title.

How much do the boulders weigh in world's Strongest Man? ›

Introduced in 1986, the Atlas Stones are five heavy, spherical stones which increase in weight from 100 to 160 kg.

Who is the old strongest man? ›

Meet Mark Felix, the 57-year-old World's Strongest Man competitor who fans joke will still be competing in 2035. STRONGMAN Mark Felix continues to prove that age is no barrier. The Grenada-born colossus is set to compete at the 2023 World's Strongest Man at the incredible age of 57.

How heavy are the pillars in strongman? ›

Each of the pillars weighs 160kgs, and there is no time limit, the event will be over when the Strongman is no longer able to support both pillars.

Who holds the world strongest man deadlift records? ›

460.4 kg (1,015 lb)Benedikt Magnússon ( ISL )2 April 2011
465 kg (1,025.2 lb)Danny Grigsby ( USA )26 March 2022
467.5 kg (1,030.7 lb)Danny Grigsby ( USA )30 July 2022
487.5 kg (1,074.8 lb)Danny Grigsby ( USA )
13 more rows

What is John Cena's max deadlift? ›


(273 kg.)

Who is the 1000 pound deadlift guy? ›

Bolton also holds the current WPO world records in the squat (550.5 kg/1213 lb) and was the previous holder of the deadlift (457.5 kg/1008.6 lb), and was the first to demonstrate a deadlift of over a thousand pounds.

Who has the biggest hands in strongman? ›

Felix's hands are considered to be the strongest and largest in the world. With a span of 13 inches (33cm) he has been able to break numerous grip world records, most notably in the Hercules Hold, where he has set several world records.

Who is the goat of strongman? ›

Greatest Of All Time

According to the majority of strongmen in attendance at the 2020 WSM contest, Zydrunas Savickas is the GOAT with Brian Shaw and Bill Kazmier in the discussion.

Who was the tallest strongman competitor ever? ›

Sean O'Hagan (strongman)

What was the heaviest deadlift by Arnold Schwarzenegger? ›

Update: In his July 30, 2021 email newsletter, Arnold claimed his best bench press was 525 lbs., but because he said 500 previously on multiple occasions we'll go with that. Arnold says his best gym powerlifts were: squat 545 lbs. (247 kg.), bench press 500 lbs. (227 kg.), and deadlift 710 (322 kg.).

How much can a gorilla deadlift? ›

The silverbacks are in fact stronger than 20 adult humans combined as they can lift or throw up to 815 kgs while a well-trained man can only lift up to 400 kgs. Any adult gorilla can lift up to 450 kilograms, not with a body size that can go as high as 200kgs.

What is the heaviest bench ever? ›

On Feb. 4, 2023, during the 2023 International Powerlifting Association (IPA) Hillbilly Havoc in Hurricane, WV, Kolb captured a 612.5-kilogram (1,350.3-pound) equipped bench press. The mark is an all-time World Record and is officially the heaviest lift ever achieved in a sanctioned competition.

What is the world's strongest man max bench? ›

On Feb. 4, 2023, during the 2023 International Powerlifting Association (IPA) Hillbilly Havoc in Hurricane, WV, Kolb captured a 612.5-kilogram (1,350.3-pound) equipped bench press. The mark is an all-time World Record and is officially the heaviest lift ever achieved in a sanctioned competition.

How much can the strongest man in history lift? ›

His recorded feats, including lifting 500 pounds (227 kg) (1/4 ton) with one finger and backlifting 4,337 pounds (1,967 kg)(2 tons), show Cyr to be, according to former International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness chairman Ben Weider as stated in 2000, the strongest man ever.

How much can the strongest woman lift 2022? ›

2022 America's Strongest Woman Event Results
  • Victoria Long — 136 kilograms (299.8 pounds)
  • Inez Carrasquillo — 132 kilograms (291 pounds)
  • Olga Liashchuk — 122 kilograms (268.9 pounds) | Tied for third.
  • Sumer Johnson — 122 kilograms (268.9 pounds) | Tied for third.
  • Gabi Dixson — 109 kilograms (240.3 pounds)
Dec 21, 2022

How much can Thor strongman lift? ›

Bench press (raw) – 230 kg (507 lb) (Íslandsmót 2011) Deadlift (raw) – 350 kg (772 lb) (Íslandsmót 2011) Total – 930 kg (2,050 lb) (Íslandsmót 2011)


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