15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (2023)

The “student/teacher relationship” has existed for decades. Although most people see it as some kind of perverted fantasy, many people have lived it. Apparently not as good as one might assume. Not only are two lives ruined, but the fact that people actually go to jail for such crimes. "What would make a teacher think that having a relationship with one of their students would be so awesome?" it's something most of the world is still trying to figure out.

Decades ago, people managed to sweep something like this under the carpet. But now it's not that easy, mostly thanks to silly behavior like going out on a public date or students going around bragging about what they've been up to. When people think of a celebrity student-teacher relationship, they usually think of Mary Kay Letourneau and her public relationship with Vili Fualaau. She ended up in prison for 7.5 years and was pregnant. When his time in prison ended, he resumed his relationship with Faulaau, married, and had another child. Now, 12 years later, they are separated. Although they've had a good run, most of these relationships don't end that way. In fact, almost everyone breaks up while the student is still in high school, either because they got caught or, as with any normal relationship, things fizzle out. Regardless, one thing is for sure, these professors were always wrong. If you thought Faulaau and Letourneau's relationship was shocking, you haven't seen anything.

15.Wesley Ellis

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (1)

via Daily Mail/Weekend Notes

Wesley Ellis was 34 when he was caught having sex with a student who is believed to be between the ages of 16 and 17. Although he was married, he picked up the student and took her to a parking lot, where he stayed with her. When caught, he justified his relationship by saying he had a lotstrong "romantic" feelingsfor her. The student explained in court that he had researched and knew the consequences, but both were willing to extend the relationship because of the shared feelings. His wife and parents stated that this behavior was not typical of him and that they would continue to support him during the trial. The chances that he will receive a long prison sentence are slim due to the age of the minor in question. He could end up with a few months in prison and maybe parole.

14.Eppie Jump Dawson

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (2)

via Daily Mirror

Eppie Sprung Dawson got caught in one of the worst ways. She was caught in the act with the student in her car; She is banned from teaching for an indefinite period, but can apply for re-registration at any time. Many believe that Sprung Dawson only got a slap on the wrist, but she's lost so much more (including her three-year marriage and her respect). But wait, thesituation becomes stranger, the student (at the age of 18) moved from his parents' house to the parents' house of the teacher who seduced him. However, he claims that they are just friends now. As for work, she's a waitress and has applied to take up her job again as a teacher. She was rumored to have been spared jail after being assaulted by a 29-year-old when she was a teenager.

13.Alexandria Vera

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (3)

via Houston Chronicle

Alexandria Vera was a high school teacher who was caught behaving inappropriately towards her 13-year-old student. worsen the situationShe got pregnant. In early January 2017, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. When she found out she was under investigation, she terminated the pregnancy because no one in prison wants a child. Vera claimed that her student's parents were aware of their relationship and even allowed him to spend nights in their house. Once she went to his place for dinner and he introduced her as his girlfriend. They were also reportedly excited when they found out she was pregnant. This whole situation is kinda weird. Regardless, she is now in prison, where she must serve at least 5 years before she can be considered for parole.

12.Steven Amedeo

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (4)

via Click2Houston

Steven Amedeo was 38 when he began dating an underage college student. He was accused of sexual performance by a child. He was discovered when his girlfriend found himinappropriate text messagesbetween him and a student. She immediately confronted him and reported him to the police. The boy claimed the teacher would pick him up and they would run errands together. Once he invited the student to his home and they stayed. The student managed to describe the teacher's apartment to the police. It is apparent that he was fired and posted $30,000 bail. The Texas Education Agency has also launched an investigation into the teacher. This guy is basically screwed. We hope he now realizes it wasn't worth it.

11.Pamela Roger Turner

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (5)

via Pinterest

Gym teacher Pamela Roger-Turner was 28 when she was caught having sex with a 13-year-old student. She only got 9 months in prison because she promised not to use this situation for financial gain. Roger-Turner apparently quit her job before she was fired and was apparently visibly emotionless when she was handcuffed and taken to jail. She was a teacher at this school for a little over 2 years and was always described as beautiful; Maybe she used that to her advantage. Because of the age of her victim, she could have done without it100 yearsin prison. The weird thing about this case is that the boys' parents considered Turner a family friend and even lived in their house for a time when she had nowhere else to go.

10.Stephanie Ragusa

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (6)

via Zimbio/ABC News

Stephanie Ragusa received one of the longest sentences for her relationship with students. Yes, plural. The middle school teacher was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her explicit relationship with two students at her school. She served six years and is now paroled from prison, where she will serve 15 years of probation. Her first relationship was with a 14-year-old whom she said could help her.Overcome your shyness“. She was arrested for involvement with him, but she may not have taken the arrest seriously because she was later caught having sex with a 16-year-old student. That was probably the reason for the long sentence. She must now register as a criminal and live in a motel until told she can move somewhere else. By the way, she smiles in her pictures… What's up with that?

9.Jaymee Wallace

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (7)

from the Tampa Bay Times

Jaymee Wallace, a Florida teacher, cried like a baby when she was sentenced to 3 years in prisoninappropriate relationshipwith a student. Wallace was in a relationship with a then 15-year-old college student. Wallace was married and had one child. She and the student became close when she began coaching the college basketball team. Wallace blamed his upbringing for his poor judgment; She saw her father abuse her mother and older siblings and was forced to terminate her first pregnancy. She reportedly suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. The relationship lasted more than a year and was only revealed after they broke up and the student confessed to her mother what happened. At this point, Wallace had been married a few years, had one child, and had committed her life to God. How practical?

8.Lisa Robyn Marinelli

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (8)

via BakLOL

Lisa Robyn Marinelli came up with a brilliant plan to put her 15-year-old daughter with one of her students. Her real plan was just to lure him into her house and try to be with him herself. Which 17-year-old turns down a "hot" teacher? They continued an affair for months and sent some beautiful onesobscene text messagesback and forth. "How about a quick 2 tomorrow afternoon?" or “You can meet me at 3 at home. Real men only need 20 minutes. We'll be alone because there's a field trip." You got the point. Eventually, they were spotted when the student's father saw him get out of her car and "pull his pants together." It looks like they are literal been caught red-handed and the student crowed like a bird to the police when questioned and even showed several places where they were staying.

7.Jeremy Forrest

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (9)

via Daily Mirror

Jeremy Forresttriggered a huntwhen he fled the country to the city of love in France with a student he was so in love with. The student and teacher began talking to each other on Twitter, then it quickly escalated into text messages, phone calls, and then a full blown relationship. The student spent summers at his house every day while his wife worked, and she even told some friends about her relationship with the professor. When police found out what was going on, the two fled to France, only to be caught by French authorities a few days later. Forrest was eventually arrested for child kidnapping and relations with a minor. He got 5.5 years in prison but only served 3 years.

6.Justin and Amy Northcutt

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (10)

via guioteca.com

As a married couple, the two teachers were sentenced to two and three months in prison in 2009request a minor. The couple thought it would be a great idea to send racy texts and photos to a student at school. They admitted trying to arrange a meeting with the teenager. She was a graduate of Amy's and did not send any signal to anyone. Both husband and wife must register as offenders and seek counseling to combat their "habit". The incident came to a head when a family friend saw the student and Justin Northcutt talking outside the home. Apparently it didn't seem right and it was worrisome so they immediately notified the girl's parents. It's safe to say that these people are no longer working teachers.

5.Heather Daugdrill

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (11)

via TigerDroppings.com

It seems like the Catholic Church keeps taking a hit, at least it did in 2011Bibellager. The 28-year-old was in a relationship with a 13-year-old college student that was (apparently) initiated by her. When the summer ended, she continued the relationship by picking the student up from school in the middle of the day to "spend time with him." Police were alerted to some inappropriate text messages between her and the student. She was accused of things people probably didn't even know existed, such as four cases of a young man's carnal knowledge. Some of the other charges included kidnapping and sexual assault.

4.Carrie McCandless

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (12)

via LifestylePassion

In 2007, teacher Carrie McCandless was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with her student. The meeting took place in aschool camp, where she bravely found herself in the student tent. McCandless was arrested and tried for the crime. She spent time in prison and was released on parole. However, her story does not end there. McCandless was on probation when he began another relationship with another underage student. During this time she was married to the principal of the school where she worked. Fast forward to 2011 and McCandless was arrested again, but this time for driving under the influence of morphine. It seems her life has taken a complete turn for the worse and she has already violated her parole twice.

3.Shelley Dufresne und Rachel Respess

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (13)

via WGNO

Shelley Dufresne began a highly inappropriate relationship with one of her students when she was 16. Always knowledgeable, she contacted him atFacebookto start the fun. After a month, the relationship quickly heated up and that's where Rachel Respess comes in (no pun intended). Respess knew both the teacher and the student because she also worked at the school where they studied and worked. The "relationship" lasted a few months, until it broke up over a video the student took of the teachers sleeping next to him in bed. Like any teenager, he wanted proof of his flirting. Dufresne and Respess were not arrested due to lack of evidence. The only evidence was a video that was deleted before it could be used against the teachers.

2.Brianne Altice

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (14)

via Soulpost

Brianne Altice is one AF wild when it comes to the inappropriate teacher-student relationship. Altice agreed not to one, not to two, but to three of themunderage students. In February 2017, she was sentenced to 30 years in prison for her inappropriate behavior. It was reportedly given by one of his students, who was probably jealous when he found out he wasn't the only student in his life. The crazy thing is that when she was originally arrested for her crimes and released on bail, she continued to be in a relationship with one of her students. Her defense at the trial was low self-esteem, and she admitted that the students' attention and praise made her feel good. She can apply for parole in 2019 and even leave the country, but she has to register as a criminal. Did we mention she had a husband and kids?

1.Sarah Jones

15 Shocking Examples of Weird Relationships Between Teachers and Students (15)

via the Huffington Post

Sarah Jones was a Bengals cheerleader turned teacher. By all accounts, she was considered extremely beautiful by many of the male students. However, one student in particular jumped at the chance and ended up in a relationship with Jones. At the age of 27, she began a relationship with a 17-year-old college student, Cody York. Unlike many of the teachers on this list, she managed to avoid jail by pleading guilty to multiple charges, includingcriminal interference in arrestand assault. To make matters worse, when York came of age, they continued their relationship. They are currently married and apparently living their best life. Jones has sparked so much controversy that some production companies are reportedly interested in giving her a reality show.

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What are examples of conflict between teacher and student? ›

Other examples of situations that may start off with two people include academic concerns such as missing homework, poor test grades, and failure to complete assignments on time, and behavioral concerns like disruptively talking to peers in class, talking back to the teacher, or sleeping in class.

What is improper relationship between teacher and student? ›

Texas Penal Code §21.12, Improper Relationship between Educator and Student is a law that seeks to criminalize all forms of sexual conduct and intercourse between employees of primary and secondary schools and any students enrolled regardless of age.

What is an inappropriate teacher-student relationship? ›

Sexual intercourse (or any other form of sexual contact) between the teacher and the student. Online solicitation of a student (lewd text messages, phone calls, emails, etc.). 'Grooming,' whether online or in-person.

What is the most common cause for conflicts between teachers and students? ›

According to their root reasons and parties involved, conflicts in school can be categorised. Martinez believes that lack of communication, individual motivations, past disputes, concerns of authority, and ideological and political differences are the main causes of disputes amongst instructors.

What are 5 examples of conflict? ›

5 examples of conflict in the workplace
  • Interdependence conflict. Interdependence is when two or more people rely on one another to complete a task or reach a goal. ...
  • Leadership conflict. ...
  • Working style conflict. ...
  • Personality conflict. ...
  • Background-based conflict.
Jan 26, 2023

What are 4 common areas of conflict in the classroom? ›

Types & Levels of Conflict in the Classroom
  • Affective Conflict. Affective conflict is emotional conflict. ...
  • Cognitive Conflict. Cognitive conflict involves a significant difference of opinions. ...
  • Behavioral Conflict. ...
  • Goal Conflict. ...
  • Scope of the Conflict. ...
  • Conclusion.
May 24, 2021

What is the main conflict in school between teachers and learners? ›

Teachers and students appear as human beings and lack the strength to think about the meaning of people themselves in the conflict. Therefore, in the conflict between teachers and students, teachers and students cannot control themselves. Others are in the relationship between self and each other.

What are conflicts between teachers? ›

The main causes for professional conflicts between teachers (out of a total number of 17 potential causes) were identified as: different information and previous experience related to a certain issue, different perception for the same problem, different motivation, interests and personal objectives, inequitable ...

How can an unhealthy relationship between a student and teacher affect a student? ›

A negative teacher-student relationship may lead to stress, anxiety, and aggression in students (Hashemi, 2011; Alnuzaili and Uddin, 2020). Accordingly, creating a positive relationship with pupils is among the top priorities of teachers in any educational setting, especially in the practical instruction classrooms.

What are red flags in teacher and student relationship? ›

There are several items on the red flag list below that are absolute dealbreakers, such as inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, racism or blatant controlling and manipulation of a student. A student can attempt to remedy many of the other items with an honest conversation with their teacher.

How do you know if a teacher is grooming you? ›

Other warning signs included:
  • Spending unauthorized alone time with a student. ...
  • Frequently complimenting a particular student. ...
  • Trying to blend in. ...
  • Likeability. ...
  • Unusual behavior from the student.
Mar 24, 2018

What is inappropriate behavior with students? ›

Some of these immature, irritating, or thoughtless behaviors or “classroom incivilities” include: lateness or leaving early. inappropriate cellphone and laptop usage in class. side conversations.

What is the most common conflict students experience with instructors? ›

The most common “conflict” that students experience with instructors is feeling that they've received a lower grade than they deserve.

What are 3 possible causes of classroom conflict? ›

In turn, conflicts between students can arise due to misunderstandings, fights, the rivalry between groups, discrimination, bullying, use of spaces and assets, dating, sexual harassment, loss or damage of school assets, diverse elections, travel, and parties.

What are the 7 main types of conflict? ›

There are seven different types of conflict in English literature:
  • Character vs character.
  • Character vs society.
  • Character vs nature.
  • Character vs technology.
  • Character vs fate.
  • Character vs supernatural.
  • Character vs self.

What are the 3 most common types of conflict? ›

In particular, three types of conflict are common in organizations: task conflict, relationship conflict, and value conflict. Although open communication, collaboration, and respect will go a long way toward conflict management, the three types of conflict can also benefit from targeted conflict-resolution tactics.

What are 4 major types of conflict? ›

11.3: Four Major Types of Conflict
  • Data Conflicts.
  • Relationship Conflicts.
  • Value Conflicts.
  • Structural Conflicts.
Apr 2, 2022

How do you handle conflict between students and teachers? ›

Six Key Actions for Resolving Conflict
  1. Recognize emotions.
  2. Briefly describe the problem and share your positive intentions.
  3. Actively listen and seek FIRST to understand.
  4. Share your perspective of the problem and the impact.
  5. Work together on an action plan or next steps.
  6. Check for progress and express thanks.

What is an example of a classroom conflict? ›

A student who deliberately disrupts the classroom (such as dominating class discussions, engaging in leisure conversations, being chronically late to class, being unprepared, or causing a scene) A student who is impolite to others in the classroom (such as competing with fellow students or insulting others' opinions)

What is an example of interpersonal conflict at school? ›

Interpersonal Conflicts at School

Conflicts at school can involve altercations between students, disagreement between colleagues, or even conflict about educational policies.

How do you resolve conflict between children in school? ›

Conflicts Among Students
  1. Cool off. First, before problem-solving can begin, the students need time to calm down. ...
  2. Share, listen, check. Students need to listen to each other share their issues, and then check that they understand them. ...
  3. Take responsibility. ...
  4. Brainstorm solutions. ...
  5. Choose a solution. ...
  6. Affirm, forgive, or thank.
Nov 11, 2020

What is an example of a conflict theory in school? ›

Conflict theorists contend that not only do the economics favor the white affluent, but so does school testing—particularly IQ testing, which schools can use to sort students. They argue that the tests, which claim to test intelligence, actually test cultural knowledge and therefore exhibit a cultural bias.

What are the 4 causes of conflict? ›

What causes conflict?
  • Information – Something was missing, incomplete or ambiguous.
  • Environment – Something in the environment leads to the conflict.
  • Skills – People lack the appropriate skills for doing their work.
  • Values – A clash of personal values leads to conflict.
May 22, 2021

What is an example of a conflict of interest teacher? ›

Providing Tutoring You Recommended: A teacher cannot recommend that one of his or her own students get tutoring, and then be paid to tutor that same student in a second job. This would be a conflict of interest, because the teacher has a financial interest in providing those services.

What are common conflicts between classes? ›

The forms of class conflict include direct violence, such as wars, for access to and control of natural resources and labour; assassinations and revolution; indirect violence, such as death from poverty and starvation, illness and unsafe working conditions; economic coercion, such as the threat of unemployment and ...

What are the two main conflicts in educated? ›

However, the main conflict that leads to Tara's estrangement from her family is the conflict caused by the physical and psychological abuse she suffered from her brother Shawn and the fall-out that occurs when she shares the truth with her parents, who refuse to believe her.

What are the positive and negative effects of teacher-student relationship? ›

Positive interaction creates peaceful environment, but negative interaction leads to instability. Teacher's positive relationship helps to promote student's academic growth. Teachers who emphasize positive aspect of students rather than negative aspect helps the students to be more forthcoming with positive behavior.

What are the consequences of a student teacher relationship? ›

An improper relationship with a student can result in a criminal conviction, imprisonment and financial penalties. Even if the relationship is consensual, an improper sexual act between teacher and student is illegal.

What are the factors affecting the relationship of teacher to his her students? ›

Many qualities define a positive relationship and pave ways on how to create powerful student teacher relationships. These can be seen to include good communication, a safe learning environment and mutual respect, a positive and patient attitude, student equality and timely praise.

Can teachers have personal relationships with students? ›

Previous research has shown positive teacher-student relationships promote student academic achievement, such as better grades and test scores, but a new study at the University of Missouri found positive teacher-student relationships lead to better teaching as well.

What are red flags in relationship example? ›

Red flags in a relationship include excessive jealousy and frequent lying. You should also be wary of a partner who frequently criticizes you or puts you down. Another major red flag is an unwillingness to compromise — relationships shouldn't be one-sided.

Is there a possibility that a relationship between teacher and student can be acceptable? ›

However, when considered from a legal perspective, the romantic relationship between teacher and student under those conditions is not illegal because the student is over 18 years of age. If there is no force exerted by the teacher, the romantic relationship between teacher and student may be possible.

What is considered disrespectful to a teacher? ›

A student will behave in a respectful manner toward teachers/staff/administrators and other students. Examples of disrespectful behavior are walking away, talking back, refusing to identify self properly, rude behavior, spitting, and challenging authority.

How do you know if someone is a teacher's pet? ›

A teacher's pet receives preferential treatment from the teacher, he is allowed to do things that other students are not allowed to do and encouraged in a way that other students are not encouraged. As may be expected, the other students in a class are not fond of the teacher's pet.

What is teacher harassment? ›

Generally, harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).[1]

What are undesirable behaviors in the classroom? ›

Some common undesirable behaviours among pupils in the classroom include noise making, failing to do assignments, not paying attention, chewing or eating during lessons, missing classes, bullying and lying among others (Machumu, 2011).

What are examples of undesirable behavior? ›

By undesirable behavior is meant (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, intimidation, bullying and discrimination.

What are the unacceptable behaviors? ›

Unacceptable behaviour (including bullying, harassment and victimisation), may involve actions, words or physical gestures that could reasonably be perceived to be the cause of another person's distress or discomfort. Bullying or harassment may be by an individual against an individual or involve groups of people.

What is an example of a student conflict situation? ›

A student who deliberately disrupts the classroom (such as dominating class discussions, engaging in leisure conversations, being chronically late to class, being unprepared, or causing a scene) A student who is impolite to others in the classroom (such as competing with fellow students or insulting others' opinions)

What are examples of conflict of interest for students? ›

Examples of COIs
  • Accepting gratuities or special favors from companies doing business or sponsoring one's research at the University.
  • Accepting over-scale honoraria for lectures at companies whose economic or political interests are affected by an investigator's research.

What are the conflicts between teachers? ›

The main causes for professional conflicts between teachers (out of a total number of 17 potential causes) were identified as: different information and previous experience related to a certain issue, different perception for the same problem, different motivation, interests and personal objectives, inequitable ...

What are two common sources of conflict in the classroom? ›

Gray and Stark (1984) suggested that there are six sources of conflict. These are: 1) Limited resources; 2) Interdependent work activities; 3) Differentiation of activities; 4) Communication problems; 5) Differences in perceptions; 6) The environment of the organization.

What is an example of a common conflict situation? ›

Bullying, discrimination and harassment are much more serious examples of conflict situations in the workplace. Complaints about discrimination or harassment may center around gender, age, disability, religion or national origin.

What is an example of conflict between children? ›

A toddler who takes away a toy from another youngster is an example of an interpersonal conflict. In older children, it often presents in disagreements, arguments, or other forms of confrontation.

What are three conflict of interest examples? ›

Some examples of a conflict of interest could be: Representing a family member in court. Starting a business that competes with your full-time employer. Advising a client to invest in a company owned by your spouse.


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